Ally Movers
The Futuline team developed a system for companies local, private freight.
Ally Movers

In the studio "Futuline" a system has been developed for companies carrying out freight transportation of furniture and other similar things.

  • Create and manage orders / leads;
  • Different financial matrices for calculating the cost of the service and their adjustment;
  • Employee management, different ways of calculating with employees, calculating through the system, accounting for taxes;
  • Truck fleet management, license accounting, day-long truck logistics planning;
  • Possibilities of external synchronization for receiving orders from client sites;
  • Financial and other statistics;
  • The common base, among all firms, for the account of unfavorable clients and addresses;
  • Garter maps on routes;
  • Modular system, which allows to develop the system for each client, without reloading the main cabinet;
  • Other secondary functions.

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